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Food photography for Gold Coast bakery and Cafe

An image of a loaf of artisanal white bread presented on baking paper and metal tray, atop a timber tabletop, surrounded by scattered flour.

A while back I was approached by a Gold Coast bakery and cafe to photograph their breads, sandwiches and pastries. The client’s brief stipulated simple, unpretentious images of quality breads that will appeal to the health-conscious and food that showcased the generous fillings that is their USP.

I love a client who can identify their USP! True to their word, the amount of filling in their sandwiches is the kind of generosity that reminded me of decades past – before Australian bakeries started stuffing the entire content of a sandwich to the front, leaving the customer staring at 2 buttered slices of bread, never to return their custom. Don’t get me started!!!

Devour’s breads are truly artisanal and come in a wide range (including a great gluten-free bread (if you’re on the Gold Coast or Brisbane and need to source one, as they have 2 outlets). As such, my trusty Food Stylist, Pete May, created a contemporary timber deck to shoot the breads on, dusted with flour and rustic props, to also bolster the sense of back-story for breads that are crafted – not manufactured en masse in a factory.

When shooting the pies, I built a slightly harsher light, reminiscent of the bright light of midday, to give the viewer a subtle sense that it’s time to eat when met with their posters. Tidy. The no-frills presentation of the sandwiches ensured that over-worked food styling didn’t deter the ‘grab and run’ customers during their lunch break.

If you’re a Gold Coast or Brisbane cafe owner or baker, you’re already aware that you’re in a contested food market. Do get in touch to discuss your brand’s food photography needs and get this off your ‘to do’ list before the year is out.


An image of a round loaf of artisanal crusty bread with a rustic serving fork in the background, on a timber tabletop, surrounded by scattered flour.

An image of two loaves of artisanal bread on tin baking trays, with a rustic wooden-handled knife next to them on a timber tabletop, surrounded by scattered flour.

An image of a pie with tomato sauce sitting on a brown paper bag and tin baking trays on a timber tabletop.

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