Devilishly good food coming to Brisbane!

SALAD DISH at the Norths Devils Rugby Club. Menu_photography_by_Paul_Williams_of_Gold_Coast_Food_Photography

A welcome effect of the popularisation of food appreciation in Australia, is the improvement of food standards and service. One group of f&b outlets that has long been associated with ‘bog-standard pub grub’, is the humble Australian sports club.
While patrons have appreciated the generous meal portions served at sports clubs, the standard and creativity of the food was almost never a talking point. And the photography that was ‘selling’ the food in the menus is usually, in a word, shite!

One club looking to break this stigma is the North’s Devils Rugby League Club in Brisbane. Currently undergoing major renovations and upgrades, the North’s Devils have anticipated increased membership and patronage at their restaurant and have created a food menu that will cater for this. Their food is not only one hell of a lot more sophisticated than Brisbane and Gold Coast sports club patrons are used to eating – it also meets the more old school expectations in terms of generous meal portions.

The presentation of the meals now being put up is a credit to their team of chefs, who’ve worked hard over the past year to develop a food menu that will lead the charge in changing the way that Australian’s view sports club restaurant food. The club’s Gold Coast design agency had briefed me to shoot a suite of 13 minimally-styled shots that were highly consistent, allowing each dish to be the undeniable hero of each shot.

I came. I shot. I ate. I left.
That’s how I roll.
If you’d like to feed me and would perhaps like to also talk about involving food photography while I’m there, please do get in touch!    🙂