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How this Gold Coast restaurant grew their online bookings 40-fold in 4 weeks

An image of the bar at The Lazy Lobster restaurant, Gold Coast. Food venue photography by Gold Coast Food Photography - Gold Coast and Brisbane


Here’s a very good example of how great marketing can benefit Gold Coast restaurants.
The Lazy Lobster is a seafood restaurant in Labrador. A large venue with a modern, fresh interior, it offers lunch and dinner guests a range of areas to enjoy – their cosy interior, bar area or sun-drenched (and air conditioned) window-frontage dining area that overlooks a stunning view of the Gold Coast’s Broadwater and it’s esplanade.

While the waterfront scenery alone is offered by only several other seafood restaurants along the whole Gold Coast, coupled with truly great food, The Lazy Lobster’s offering is very strong. Testimony to this is the almost 20 years that they’ve been in business (the equivalent of about 6 lifetimes in the restaurant game)!

Even so, an out-dated website and sub-standard food photography was letting the owners down for too long – an issue that they recently addressed by getting in touch with a good food photographer (moi!) and a good web designer, to get themselves quality image content that’s not repeated on their pages – plus free them of Google’s SEO penalisation for having a site that’s not mobile-friendly.

Take a look at the old food image they had been previously using across multiple website pages:


An example of poor food photography (NOT shot by me)!

NOTE: The above is NOT my shot!  😉


Wisely, the owners recognised that it was time to invest in imagery that did their fantastic food justice…

An image of a cooked salmon fillet on a black rustic timber restaurant table

An image of a plate of seafood pasta

An image of a cooked King Prawns served onto a black rustic timber restaurant table

An image of seafood platter served on a contemporary black stone restaurant table

An image of dessert served on a contemporary black stone table in a fine restaurant

Together with the owners, myself and my food stylist met to discuss a more contemporary art direction to showcase their food, it’s beautiful presentation and the generous portions that they still serve. The results speak for themselves and within four weeks, this Gold Coast restaurant’s online bookings went from one per month to 10 per week and still rapidly climbing.
Get in touch today if your Gold Coast or Brisbane restaurant’s reservations could use a boost like this.   😉

My client’s guest spot on MasterChef Australia!



It was great to see my old food photography client, Janice Wong, appearing as the guest Chef on MasterChef Australia last night. She did great!

I photographed Janice’s famous desserts a few years back in Singapore, for her multi award-winning restaurant, 2am:Dessert Bar. Janice has been named Asia’s best dessert chef twice and has an incredible list of accomplishments under her hat.
She set the unenviable task of recreating one of her jaw-dropping desserts in the latest elimination round, which saw (*spoiler alert*) Rose bow out of the competition.

Seeing Janice’s amazing dessert brought back a lot of memories of photographing her food, so I thought I’d post a few of the images that I shot here. Watching her work was a real privilege – it always is to see someone at the top of their game.
I photographed Chef Janice fishing desserts out of vats of liquid nitrogen (it was pretty wild!) and her plating was impeccable. The shots ended up featuring in ‘Asia Eater’ magazine’s launch issue and were very well received by Asia’s fastidious foodies!

Enough words! Here are a few of the photographs!


Janice Wong by Gold Coast food photographer, Paul Williams



Janice Wong by Gold Coast food photographer, Paul Williams



Janice Wong by Gold Coast food photographer, Paul Williams